What can you expect from our advice?

  • Project experience to the implementation of IT solutions, even in very complex clinical environment
  • Consistently process-oriented approaches
  • Industry experience in the medical technology and clinical data processing
  • Expertise in medicine & care

Patient data management system (PDMS)

From historical view IT-systems are used in anesthesia and intensive care medicine since the early 1990s . Former objectives were automatic documentation of vital data and statistical analysis on departmental or case level. On the basis of the currently available electronic tools for business, as well as for private environment, the expectations of the users in the healthcare sector have become much more extensive and innovative.

The border between realistic future ideas and visions or even utopias to clinical IT systems is fluent today. And the requirements from the healthcare sector (specifications) be covered by the industry (performance) still incompletely.

Cing Ltd liab. Co as an external expert assists to find the demarcation in such complex situations and issues. Neutral consulting is possible because the consultant is not directly involved into creative processes, but the deep of detailed knowledge of operational processes in the healthcare sector is available at any time.


  • Patient data management systems (PDMS)
  • Experience in Anesthesia and intensive care medicine
  • Trend management of vital data
  • Connectivity PDMS and medical technology
  • Diagnostic tools and decision support
  • System integration in hospital landscape
  • Emergency, backup, and recovery planning
  • Treatment groups and standardization